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Flying Cars, a paperless Office?

Fantastic, futuristic things we have always hoped to see - in our lifetimes. Growing up in Berlin Germany I frequently read a publication called "Hobby". They featured flying cars in the early 60s. Later, in the early 70s at Hotel & Restaurant Management School I learned about a future with a 'paperless office'. Well, wouldn't that be nice?!

Looks like those were just some grandiose ideas, for which people had waited for decades, but that would never show up in the real world? Well, the flying car is now just 2 years away* and the paperless office has arrived - and I am proud to say, I am a part of it: my company ANDADO Analytical not only removes the paper from the back-office. We also manage it, organize it and make it part of a marvelously simple workflow.

Gone are the times where you went through folders to find an invoice and know, whether it had made it into the check- or ACH-payments. With a few clicks our customers see any bill from any vendor, if and when it was paid and how. So when you say" "The check is in the mail" you know the pertinent detail like the check or payment ID, payment date and such. Which makes the whole job of the A/P person or team much easier and more enjoyable.

What's even better: you can "google" all your purchase data, what you bought, how much money you spent with each of your vendors. Not only does this make things more transparent, but it also helps making more money. Growing up in Germany I learned the business adage "the profit is in the procurement." - maybe not true all by itself, but certainly there's a lot of potential profit improvements in the buying side of things. Every dollar saved is a dollar more to the bottom-line.

It sounds almost like science fiction: better inventory control without all the tasks of inventory management. Yes, you still need to count, say twice a month. But that's it. Everything else is automated. So some things become reality. Maybe not 'flying pigs' - but flying cars in 2018. And a paperless office as soon as you wish. Let us show you how. 480 282 8482.

* (this 2 year timeline is now from 4 years ago. Haha!

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