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Accounts Payable Workflow

ANDADO digitizes all your bills. And we take a snapshot of all bills, make them avaible in a browser. No more paper handling. Now you can "google" your data: how much salmon did you buy last month? How much seafood? What percentage of food is it? Now you can do Inventory Management without the hassle part. 


We class and export all A/P to your financial accounting system. In doing so, we automate G/L account allocation, eliminate manual data entry. We speed up availability of meaningful numbers and make 'the books' a management tool, beyond complying with fiscal requirements. 

Bill Payment Services

Bills can be paid by any conceivable means, from electronically generated checks to EFT, Paypal and credit cards. As an owner or executive you authorize bill payments with a single click. We cut the chacks, envelope and mail them. You get all paid bills sent to your accounting package. Done. Focus on Controlling instead of paper work. The "paperless office" now a reality! 


ANDADO offers analytical data- & document-management: now you are prepared for your vendor talks, armed with detailed analytics off all your purchases, prices; any price change flagged automatically. Each invoice checked for correct math and other detail.


Business Planning

Many hotels and restaurants look for a way to implement a Business Planning process. We help operators to get a Budget and generate a Budget Comparison every month. Know where you stand, have a firm goal post and review how you stack up.

KPI Comparisons

What is your Prime Cost? Is your Prime Cost in line with your type of business? Say you run a shrimp and pasta sitdown restaurant. Your Prime Cost is 59%. How do you know, what other, similar places generate? Our KPI service provides you with insight and relative numbers, arming you with valuable tools to manage a more successful business.

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