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You hate accounting?
We love it!

ANDADO provides Vendor (Creditor) Accounting and back office organization.


We use an easy bill- processing and -payment workflow for Hotels and Restaurants, called "Andado BackOffice". First we organize, then we digitize your bills, down to each item so they can be allocated to the proper general ledger account, class or entity (if you have more than one restaurant). 

Instead of paper -which needs to be filed, retrieved, moved etc. your authorized staffer approves each bill on screen. We automate G/L allocation: the system remembers each account allocation so your bookkeeper never again needs to enter a bill manually. This results in up to 80% less paper pushing, dramatic speed gains and greater accuracy. Rule: what can be automated must be automated.


Add data analytics that enable savings and increased profits: without the need for an inventory management system, you have all purchases at hand and know exactly how much your team bought. Per category, per item, per vendor.

Thought: everything you buy is in the bills. With ANDADO you can 'google' your bills.  

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Located in Arizona USA we enjoy lovely weather most of the year - maybe that's one of the reasons we have such a talented team. Seriously: we feel our work offers so much benefit for our customers that we like what we do and it shows. We work with CFOs, CPAs and owners. We have over 150 colleagues in 5 locations worldwide who are the secret to our success.


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